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a pair of pink scissors sitting on top of a piece of yarn next to some knitting needles
Loom Knitting
Were you lucky enough to get a knitting loom for Christmas? Here's some easy projects to get you started.
a woman is holding up a white knitted shawl in front of a tree
Warm Hug / DROPS 124-3 - Free knitting patterns by DROPS Design
Knitted DROPS blanket with squares in different structured patterns in ”Nepal”. ~ DROPS Design
a white knitted pillow with buttons on the front and back of it sitting on a couch
Braided Cable Chunky Pillow Cover pattern on
a pink knitted hot water bottle cover next to two knitting needles on a wooden surface
Warm Cable Knit Hot Water Bottle Pattern - Violet LeBeaux - Tales of an Ingenue
Warm Cable Knit Hot Water Bottle Pattern - Violet LeBeaux- Cute Free Craft Tutorials
a blue knitted scarf laying on top of a bed
Ravelry: Braid Cable Headband pattern by Molly Jane Wick, free.
a red knitted bottle cover with a bow on the front and side, sitting on a wooden bench
Buy handmade gifts and personalised accessories directly from UK makers and designers
knit hot water bottle cover
a white knitted pillow with tassels on it
Free Pillows, Cushions & Covers Knitting Patterns
#knit #chunky #scarf #diy
#knit #chunky #scarf #diy
a woman wearing a yellow knitted scarf
Cowl Sweater Shrug - easy, free knitting pattern from, using the brioche stitch.