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a poster for a bodybuilding program with instructions
30 minute Full-Body Superset Workout for Strength and Conditioning
a kettle sitting on the ground with instructions for how to do one kettlebell workout
a poster with the words death by burpees written in black and white on it
the kettlebell anap workout for beginners is shown in blue and white with text
AMRAPs (As Many Rounds As Possible) are an excellent way to challenge your endurance and/or speed in your training. Although AMRAPs differ from HIIT intervals in that there’s no built in rest intervals, AMRAP’s are still considered high intensity training. #circuit
the back of a woman's bra top with instructions for how to use it
an ad for the 3 - part crossfit armap workout, with instructions
CrossFit AMRAP Workout
This 3-part CrossFit AMRAP Workout consists of 3 different 7 minute AMRAPS of box jumps, kettlebell swings, burpees, lunges and more for a full-body workout that will also improve conditioning.
an image of a kettlebell workout poster
1000 REP Kettlebell WOD!!! WOOOOOO YES!!! YOU CAN! www.fb.com/Betterbelievefit
a sign that has some writing on it
Kettlebell Burner
a man is doing a push up on his stomach with the words burne workout
The Burpee Workout: The Ultimate Bodyweight Exercise To Get Fit
an image of a woman in tights on her cell phone with the caption because you secretly love them
Burpee challenge
a poster with the words burpees vs kettlebell swings and an image of a woman
Quick Burpees vs Kettlebells Workout - keep it simpElle
the kettlebell swing / push - up pyramid set is shown in black and white
Home - JLFITNESSMIAMI- Easy to Follow Visual Workouts
the kettlebell intervals workout is shown in front of an empty gym floor with barbells
Kettlebell Interval Workout | Fast And Effective - Experiments In Wellness