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a stone path in the middle of a garden with flowers and plants growing around it
Garden Art: A Stepping Stone Turtle? - Rosanne's Garden
a mirror and some candles on a counter in a room with lights hanging from the ceiling
Top 10 Ways To Decorate With Fairy Lights - Society19
three different colored curtains are hanging from the ceiling in front of a window with wood flooring
Boho, Chic And Cheap Decorating Ideas For Any Home - Society19
a bedroom with a bed covered in purple and white sheets, pillows and blankets hanging from the ceiling
The best meditation nooks on Pinterest | Well+Good
a mirror that has some beads on it
Jewelry Mirror
a window covered in lots of glass beads
Beautiful Bohemian Beaded Curtains
a woman standing in front of a window holding a bouquet of flowers
38 DIY Ideas for Faux Flowers
beads and chains hanging from the ceiling in front of a wall mounted clock with a mirror behind it
Esther Hunt Lamp