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the tweet is being displayed for everyone to know what they're doing
Oh my fUCKING GOD DO THEY KNOW WHAT THEY JUST FUCKING SAID holy shitballs I really hate being American. Fuck this country. Fuck everyone who thinks like that idiot. Fuck capitalism. Fuck trump. If you think "illegals" don't deserve it fuck you too. Please for the love of god stop trying to dictate everyone else
the text is written in black and white with an image of a child's head
uwu, my witness
gokuma: “APPLAUSE ”
an image of a page with the words on it
"Yep, I knew it."
"Yep, I knew it."
an image of a page that has been edited to look like it is being used as a
So this is now a thing you know. - FunSubstance
This is rly interesting
the twitter page for an article on social media, which is being viewed by several people
the screen shot shows an email message to someone who is not using their phone or tablet
However, if someone says something homophobic and you point it out to them and they apologize and refrain from saying it again, that's different. Some people don't realize the harm of "that's so gay!" until they're told
the tweet is posted to someone on their facebook page, and it looks like they
That would make more sense. Because logically, if the sun really does hurt vampires, tHEN THEY WOULD DIE AT NIGHT TOO