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an instagram page with coins and letters on it, including the numbers 50 to 100
Golden Goose Sneaker, Sneakers
two pictures of the same wall with numbers on it
Subtraction with renaming
a clock made out of legos on a white background with the words diy lego clock
Make your own custom clock out of LEGO bricks! #lego #diy #kids #kidscraft #kidsactivities #kidsroom
the instructions for how to make a tower race math game
DUPLO® | Themes | Official LEGO® Shop US
This simple math game is a great fun way to help kids learn to count. You’ll need some LEGO DUPLO bricks, two characters, a small baseboard, and a large die. Each player chooses a character then rolls the die. Count out the corresponding number of bricks together and add them to your child’s tower. Whoever gets to ten first is the winner, or make it a larger number to challenge older children – can you get to 100?
an orange paper with black dots and numbers on it next to some cans of soda
Counting and Number Matching with Paper Cups
Counting and number matching with paper cups. A fun math activity for preschool.