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a paper cut out of a man wearing a hat
Danielle Frick
the art room plant: Danielle Frick. Collage
a wooden model of a human being bent over
James Lake - An intricate cardboard sculpture of a runner preparing for a seemingly impossible race, Gold Run.
a drawing of an eye with a house in it
Bridgette Cole's #914 Image Results
Bridgette Cole's #350 media content and analytics
a woman standing in front of a wall covered with wooden boxes and eyeballs on them
the eye project (side)
the eye project (side) | by tim lowly
a painting with many colors on it
Op Art and Colored Pencil Tutorial - Art 1
That Little Art Teacher: Op Art and Colored Pencil Tutorial - Art 1
the letter e is made out of legos and has blue, white and gray parts
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Custom wall letter E **Rare colors**
the letter s is made up of comic book pages and letters that spell out characters
50+ Superhero Crafts - Busy Mom's Helper
50+ Superhero Crafts / by Busy Mom's Helper #superhero #crafts #kidcrafts
a group of people painted on colorful squares
Andy Warhol with 4th grade
many different colored pictures are arranged on a white wall with black border around the edges
David Balluff. Long Story II (detail). 2016-17. Oil on wood squares. The Long Story series is meant to be hung in no particular order or configuration. The story changes as the squares do. Pictured: 35 of 75 squares.
a colorful quilt with many different designs on it
Au jour le jour
tissu feutres acryliques de Mae Maevina