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hi guys, sorry i havent been posting. really bad mental health, mainly with my ED. i promise to post more in the future <3
a person holding up an open book in front of some potted plants and other things
one really aesthetic page
two notebooks that have been placed on top of each other with notes attached to them
there are many books in the bin on the floor
a person is doing some art work on an open book with markers and pencils
an open notebook with comic pages on it and a pen laying next to the book
#mindscapes #nowhere #elsewhere #everywhere #improvisation #scribbles #doodles #horrorvacui #ink #black #ballpen #journal #diary #drawing #writing #illustration #sketch #miguelherranz #freekhand
an open notebook with black and white drawings on it, next to a fountain pen
many different types of notebooks laid out on the floor next to eachother
an open notebook with writing on it and handwritten notes about the moon in each page
Almanacs and cyclical time - Austin Keon
Almanacs and cyclical time - Austin Kleon
a person is holding up a book with writing on it that has been placed in their lap
2do diario/libreta