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an orange background with the words back to school tips for the world language class on it
Five Back to School Tips for the World Language Classroom
Language Teachers' Cafe: Five Back to School Tips for the World Language Classroom
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Vocabulary Strategies, Activities, and Lessons for Success - Miss DeCarbo
the text how to use technology to make vocabulary words memorablely emphable on an ipad
How to Use Technology to Make Vocabulary Words Memorable
Learn French - Le visage 🇫🇷
Learn more ⬇️ 👁️ - Un œil (an eye) 👀 - Les yeux (eyes) 👂 - Une oreille (an ear) 👃 - Un nez (a nose) 👄 - Une bouche (a mouth) 🦷 - Une dent (a tooth) 😛 - Une langue (a tongue) 👅 - La langue (the tongue) 🧔 - Une barbe (a beard) 🤦 - Le front (the forehead) 👩‍🦳 - Les cheveux (hair) Can you name another part of the face in French? Share your answers below! 👇 Follow @TalkinFrench for daily French lessons ❤️
the seven up logo is shown in black and blue with white lettering that reads, producing volcabulary 7 up
7-Up Vocabulary Practice
Today I wanted to share about about using 7-Up to introduce new vocabulary. This is a quick and material-free way to engage students with words they are learning! When introducing a new word to students, our school follows Jan Richardson’s method. Then, we throw in a little 7-Up twist. It looks something like this –...