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a gray dog laying down on top of a white floor next to a caption that reads, did you know? the scientific name for those glurging sounds your dog's stomach makes
The scientific name for dog stomach noises is borborygmi. These rumbling sounds are created by gas moving through the intestines. This is completely normal, though if your dog has constant or very loud borborygmi, a vet check-up may be in order.
a dog with its tongue out and the quote, my fashion photography is if you're not covered in dog hair, your life is empty
Shed Happens. Here's How to Manage It!
That said, there are certainly things you can do to minimize the drifts of dog hair adhered to your pants and blowing like tumbleweed down your hallway.
a dog holding a bowl in it's mouth with the words, the healthiest people
The Healthiest People Food For Dogs
a woman in white gloves petting a brown and white dog
The 10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs
How early detection can save a life.
a woman vacuuming the floor with a dog on it's side and a yellow blow dryer in front of her
Shed Happens. - Modern Dog Magazine
Tips and tricks for reducing shed and handling the mess when your dog does shed.
a dog with a bone in its mouth
Are These Ingredients In Your Dog Treats?
Every dog deserves a treat! I bet your dog is not that fussy especially when it comes to food but you should be. The ugly truth is when you skimp on the quality of the treats that you buy, you could actually be accidentally harming your dog's health.
a person washing a small dog in a sink
Learn Why You Need To Know What Is In Your Dog's Grooming Products!
I bet you are more aware of the dangers of certain ingredients in the products you use for ourselves but what your dog's grooming products? Can using the wrong products really affect your pup? Should you be using organic dog shampoo?
a drawing of a dog being held by two hands
How To Massage Your Dog - Modern Dog Magazine
4 dog massage techniques to help your pup rest, relax, and rejuvenate