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Lucía Fraschetti (@lufraschetti) • Instagram photos and videos


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a spoon full of vegan milk being poured into a bowl with strawberries in the background
How to make vegan condensed milk in 5 minutes – with no heating required! This ‘instant’ condensed milk substitute uses just 3 ingredients (plus salt and water) and can even be made sugar-free (low-carb or keto)! #VeganCondensedMilk #DairyFree #PlantBased #HomemadeGoodness #VeganRecipes #BakingEssentials #HealthyEating #CrueltyFreeCooking #SweetTreats
a plate with a piece of cheesecake on it and the title melopita greek honey pie
Melopita Recipe (Greek Honey Pie)
a piece of cheesecake sitting on top of a white plate next to a fork
Melopita | Crustless Greek Honey & Cheese Pie
a decorated cookie in a clear box with frosting next to a pink cupcake
a cake decorated with purple and blue flowers
Lucía Fraschetti (@lufraschetti) • Instagram photos and videos
a pink cake with flowers on it sitting on top of a white tablecloth covered surface
Minimalist painted flowers
a close up of a cookie with flowers on it and a pen next to it
Buttercream Cakes — Eat Cake Be Merry
a piece of cake sitting on top of a plate next to a knife and fork
Korean Pumpkin Rice Cake with Mung Bean Crumble, Nokdu Hobaktteok, 녹두호박떡 | Jessica's Dinner Party
almond milk and coffee jello made in the microwave is an easy, delicious dessert
22-Calorie Almond Milk Coffee Jello (Made in the Microwave) - All Purpose Veggies
This sweet, cold and jiggly almond milk coffee jello is a delicious low-calorie, low-carb snack that’s made with stevia-sweetened almond milk, instant coffee and gelatin! Here is a quick and fool-proof method of making coffee jello in the microwave and just 4 ingredients.
an image of a cake on a plate with the words egyptian hazelnut cake above it
Egyptian Cake
two purple doughnuts are being held up by someone's hands on a white surface
Ube Malasadas (Ube Recipe 8) - Jeanelleats Food and Travel Blog
Ube Malasadas (Ube Recipe 8) - Jeanelleats Food and Travel Blog
blackberry cupcakes with blackberry cream cheese frosting and blackberries in the middle
Blackberry Earl Grey Cupcakes
some powdered sugar cookies are on a cutting board
Thai Tea Mochi Crinkle Cookies