Random language information about other languages that I'm not learning now, but I hope to learn someday.
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I'd love to have a pet Korean bee just flying around chilling all day humming. BOONG! LOL
Birds. | What Noises Do Animals Make In Other Languages? Here Is An Important Guide
Hello new followers!Since this blog has been featured on the Tumblr app, there are a load more of you here which is great great great. Thanks for following!Here are some older illustrations to give you an idea what the kind of things I post about. Enjoy!And if you like animal sounds, there’s a whole book of them in my shop.


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6 Tips to Save $10,000 Teaching in South Korea! #ESLteacher #Asia #Korea #savingstips #travel
10 Things to know and look for when signing a contract to teach English in South Korea. Complete with example of an actual Korean ESL teaching contract.

Teaching English

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Russian Sign Language: Lesson 3 - Professions & Activities - YouTube
Russian Sign Language: Lesson 1 - Alphabet, Numbers, & Greetings - YouTube

Russian - RSL

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a table with a sign that says how to get better at languages in front of it
a bottle of wine sitting on top of a table next to bread and corks
8 YouTube Channels to Help You Learn French
the words, my swedish learning routine are in front of a lake
How to Study Swedish: My Daily Learning Routine | Hitoritabi
My Swedish Study Routine
two flags flying next to the ocean with text overlay saying 6 ways to become fluent in one of the scandinavian languages
Norway Archives ⋆ Expert World Travel
Are you dreaming of a life in Scandinavia? Click through to find out how you can easily learn Swedish, Norwegian or Danish before moving!
the words learn swedish in 3 months are overlaid by an image of a city
Learning Swedish in 3 months: yes, you can! - Take me to Sweden
a sheet with reindeers on it and the words learn swedish in front of it
How to Study Swedish: My Daily Learning Routine | Hitoritabi
My Swedish learning routine. The tools, apps and resources I use to study the Swedish language: Duolingo, Memrise, Babbel, plus music, movies and comics.
two pictures of the same man sitting at a table
French Meme 🇫🇷
Learn French baking vocabulary 🍰🇫🇷
an image of a poem written in french with a kitten on the ground and leaves around it
La Clé des champs - premières lectures CP (1982)
French idiom 🇫🇷
It makes me... in French!
a wolf with the words 4 games for basic french classes low prep or no prep
Teach French Without A Worksheet: 8 different strategies - Inquiring Intermediates