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there is a cup made out of shells on the table
My new flowerpot... in the Garden Art forum
a close up of a flower made out of seashells
My Amazing Home Decoration Blog
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a candle that is sitting in the sand next to some seashells on the beach
Great ideas for DIY candle decoration inspired by sea and beach | My desired home
a paper snowman ornament hanging from a wall
Kid's Craft Project: Easy Snowman Seashell Christmas Ornaments - The Classy Chics
some seashells are laying on the floor next to a cup and a hair dryer
Garden Ideas & Projects
a bowl made out of seashells sitting on top of a wicker table
Woman paints a clay pot with Elmer’s Glue, creates delightful planters
Stone Crafts
DIY Shell Planter - Sand and Sisal
a potted plant that has shells in it on top of a ledge with buildings in the background
several potted plants and seashells sit on shelves in front of a wall
20 Fabulous Beach-Worthy Projects to Create from Seashells
Flower Pots
a potted plant with sea shells and succulents
two vases with plants in them sitting on a table next to a glass cup