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A Sense of the Resurrection teaches children about Jesus' death through real life sensory experiences. Christian religious activities for Sunday School or home. Works for preschoolers up to older elementary kids. Fun and meaningful at the same time.

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a list with the words, things to pray for
the ten commandments for managing anger god's way in six verses, including
an old bible with the names of jesus and other important things to know about them
a poster with the words build on it's front and back sides, in different colors
7 Strategies for Building a Psalm 91 House - KCM Blog
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the text is written in different languages
23rd Psalm
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Sins against the Holy Spirit
an image of a list of things to see in the book, which includes words and pictures
See Jesus on every page of the Bible!
an open book with the text written in it
Pin by Rachel Wilder on Life on a Bible TRUTH Foundation | Bible quotes prayer, Bible encouragement, Bible study scripture
strawberries in baskets with the words why does the messiah say that all foods clean? because all foods are clean
Understanding Mark 7:19 and the Messiah Declaring All Foods Clean
a stack of pancakes with syrup being poured on top and the words temperature in all things above it
Temperate in All Things
a wooden fence with the words dogged determination to stay home
Dogged Determination to Stay at Home
In order for me to stay home with my children, I grew a lot of my food and I taught myself to can it. I bought fabric at the thrift store and taught myself how to make my clothes and my children’s clothes. I hung my clothes on a clothesline to dry. We installed a wood stove in our fireplace and heated our home with a wood stove instead of paying a expensive power bill. I drove an older car.