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Pet Store Pretend Play Printables
Pet store pretend play printable pack in a pdf file. Includes 15 printable pages. Your kids will love playing with their stuffed animals! INCLUDES: 1. Open and Closed Sign 2. Read to a Pet Sign 3. Make Treats Mat 4. Pet Labels 5. Product Labels 6. Price Tags 7. Checkout Here Sign 8. Credit Card Scanners 9. Receipts 10. Play Money 11. Credit Cards 12. Store Hours Sign
an animal walk game for kids with animals, snakes and other things to play in the park
Animal Walk Games
Did you know that occupational therapy practitioners love to use animal walk games to support gross motor skills, core strength, mobility, motor planning, bilateral coordination, crossing midline, self regulation, and more? Here is how to use animal walks in occupational therapy sessions.
a paper spider and toilet paper roll with the text free printable walking ant puppets
Walking Ant Puppets
This Walking Ant Craft is sure to delight kids and inspire lots of imaginative play. These ant puppets are easy to make with the printable template and nice and chunky for little hands. Make your paper ant craft move by gently twisting your wrist from side to side.