Outdoor Christmas Greenery

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a hammock hanging from a pergolated area in a garden with rocks and grass
Cozy corner garden!
Turn that unused corner of your yard into a cozy garden retreat. Start with a comfortable seating area, adding a small bench or a couple of chairs. Surround the space with lush plants and fragrant flowers to create a private oasis. Tall plants or a trellis with climbing vines can provide natural privacy, while a mix of perennials and annuals ensures year-round greenery and color. Add soft lighting with solar lights or lanterns to enjoy your garden into the evening. Don't forget to save this pin for later and check out our channel for more cozy garden ideas and inspiration!
a wooden bench sitting in the middle of a lush green yard next to a tree
a wreath hanging on the front door of a house with greenery and ornaments around it
I'm Dreaming of a Black & White Christmas - Love, Fancy Pants
a wreath with pine cones and ribbons hanging from it's side on a door
three christmas trees are sitting in a window sill with balls on top of them
Truhlíky a květináče na zimu neuklízejte: 25+ krásných nápadů na parapety, balkóny a terasy!
Truhlíky na zimu neuklízejte: Nápady na parapety, balkóny a terasy!
a window box filled with red berries and greenery in front of a blue building
Front Porch Perfection: Unique Winter Planter Ideas to Try Now
a basket filled with candles and greenery on top of a wooden table next to a building
a window box filled with christmas decorations and greenery
a wreath with pine cones hanging from it
Christmas is coming
christmas trees and presents are on the porch
23 Clever DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table next to a metal object
a candle that is on top of a planter with greenery and lights in it
Christmas Decorating Ideas For the Budget Conscious
three christmas trees made out of wood and pine cones are sitting on snow covered ground