Art 12 week project

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Don Gore

Artefact 2

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Mixed media country lane landscape with moorland in the distance. £150.00

Artefact 1

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an oil painting of people walking in front of a store on a city street with tall buildings
Christine Lashley "Paris Macaroon Shop" 12x9 Oil on Linen Panel at Principle Gallery
an image of different things that are in the french language, including buildings and flags
ILLUSTRATION — Marie Assenat
a city street filled with lots of tall buildings and traffic lights at night in the dark
an oil painting of times square in new york city, with taxi cabs and people crossing the street
Christian Malto
the interior of a subway car with blue benches and yellow tile flooring on both sides
1960s subway car
a painting of people sitting on subway cars
Subway Paintings - Hillel Kagan
Subway Paintings - Hillel Kagan
an oil painting of a city street at night
Edmonds in Autumn
a woman taking a selfie with the statue of liberty in the background
a woman standing on a subway train with her shirt saying i love new york