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a woman's body is shown with different measurements
Woman documents her incredible postpartum transformation
Woman documents her incredible postpartum transformation
Great for your abs and butt…if your butt is flatter than it was before kids it’s time to assess…stre
Core & Glutes for Pregnancy ➡️ complete each exercise for 1 minute for a 10 minute workout.
Mobility Exercises For Pregnancy
Pregnancy Yoga|| Sciatica Pain Stretches
Unlock your hips & lower back
Exersices I did to heal my DR!
Workout videos | ab workouts at home | ab workout | easy ab workout | post pregnancy workout
Glute workout | Loop band booty burn 🔥
Low impact workout
Diastasis Recti | Do this circuit 3X a week
Postpartum Recovery
Pelvic Floor & Diastasis Recti Postnatal Exercises
a woman is doing yoga on a mat in front of a door with her legs up
Scorpion with the help of a wall