Watercolour techniques

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a painting of flowers in a vase on a table next to bottles and containers with food
"Yellow roses" (2014) By Huang Hsiao-Hui
two people walking down the street in the rain with umbrellas
I have never been a huge fan of watercolors as an art medium, but ACUARELAS KUBI has phenomenal talent.
watercolor painting of trees in the distance
watercolor demonstration, painting trees by John Lovett. There are also other tutorials. #watercolor jd
two boats sitting in the water on a foggy day
Dusan Djukaric #watercolour #painting #watercolour_paper
a small bird sitting on top of a piece of paper with watercolor paint splotches
a river's garden studio
lindasinklings: lindasinklings: wren. source: Karl Martens
the process of painting flowers with watercolors is shown in three different stages, and then
.Step by step simple watercolor. It's all about maintaining those light spaces...makes this pop.
a drawing of a city with lots of buildings
travel sketching #urban #sketch #moleskine spesso, le cose più semplici e spontanee sono le cose più belle.
a painting of people walking in the rain at night
Emilio García Varona - Valladolid
Rainy Evening Paris, Joseph Zbukvic, amazing watercolor. i love the light in this
three different views of the same building and watercolors on paper, each with an image of a clock tower
Grzegorz Wróbel
classic watercolor paintings | blog about drawing, painting, illustration, comics, concept art ...
an open box with some paint samples in it
Watercolour Painting Course Part 1
Watercolour Painting Course Part 1 - YouTube
an oil painting of mountains with clouds in the sky
Hobbies for College Students: Art, Sports, Cooking, and Other Ideas
"Formation" Joseph Alleman