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A colourful infographic explaning a two-step system on how to read the Court Cards of the Tarot's Minor Arcana. 
First, focus on the characteristics of each rank (Page / Knight / Queen / King). Then, apply the characteristics of the suit (Swords - Air / Wands - Fire / Cups - Water / Pentacles - Earth). Taro, Image, Witch, Link, Spiritual, Chakra, The Court, Paganism, Ease
How to read the Court Cards - Tarot Cheat Sheet
Want to read the tarot card meanings of the Court Cards like a pro? This Tarot cheat sheet has been designed especially for beginners and anyone feeling confused about the meanings of the Court Cards, and will teach you how to understand Court Card meanings with ease and confidence. **Want more Tarot learning resources? Click the image or the link below to view our Tarot for Beginners training * * * learn tarot cards // tarot card meaning cheat sheets * * * #tarotcardforbeginners #tarot * * *
Learning tarot numerology in less than 30 seconds
Get your free numerology reading through the link in my bio ✨ CC: @highpriestesshermit
a poster with the words beginning with tarot
Tarot Beginner?
a poster with instructions for how to use tarot in your reading class, which includes pictures
the tarot tips card with text on it
Follow for DAILY tarot Tips!
an iphone screen with the text tarot tips for determining time spas and words - week cups - months
the words i need advice to use in tarot spread are shown on a white background
Tarot advice spread
the shadow work tarot spread is shown in black and white with four different words
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a poster with the words self love 101 on it
Discovering Self-Love using Tarot - Sage and Sol
Reading, What Are Tarot Cards
3 Card Tarot Spread | Self Improvement | Divination | Tarot Reading | Wiccan | Spiritual Awakening