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there are four framed pictures on the wall with flowers in them and one is holding a flower
Past Work — Carolyn Misterek
Past Work — Carolyn Misterek
a white vase filled with flowers sitting on top of a wooden table next to a mirror
Grasscloth Wrapped Table - DIY for under $60 - Stefana Silber
Grasscloth Wrapped Table – DIY for under $60
a dining room with green velvet chairs and a white table in front of a floral wallpaper
The Best Kitchen Corner Bench With Round Table Ideas
a blue and white wallpaper with flowers on it
Hydrangea Drape Wallpaper
Schumacher Paul Poiret 13.5’ L x 27” W Wallpaper Roll | Wayfair
a black and gold framed painting with white flowers on it's side, sitting on a bed
the curtains are closed and there is a bird pattern on them, along with other wallpapers
Henley Townhouse — Ham Interiors
the dining room table is surrounded by white chairs
Phillip Jeffries Bloom Wallcovering - Modern Dining Room with Floral Wallpaper
an elegant dining room with chandelier and curtains on the window sill,
Unique Glossy Ceilings - Chairish Blog
the dining room table is set with place settings and flowers in vases on it
Chisholm Clean | Hanging