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children are playing in an obstacle course with ropes and netting on the ground while others watch
Woodland Tribe Adventure Playground
a large pipe attached to the side of a tree
7 Things We Did to Make Our Simple Treehouse Awesome - Celebrate Every Day With Me
7 Things We Did to Make Our Simple Treehouse Awesome - Celebrate Every Day With Me
a water spigot sitting on top of a wooden deck next to rocks and trees
Natural Playgrounds: Thinking Outside The Postage Stamp
a fire pit made out of logs and rocks
Children's water play stream with log channels and pebble mosaic pool for paddling. The children can control the flow of the water with the push tap.
there is a ladder that has been placed on the ground in front of a hedge
red mushrooms are growing in the mulch next to a backyard swing and tree stumps
an outdoor fire pit with rocks and benches around it in the grass next to a fence
three children are playing in the yard with pots and pans
Nature to Play™
Nature to Play™
a little boy playing with toys in the grass near some steps and plants on the ground
Kids in the Garden
Kids in the Garden - Water Play
an image of snake tracks in the woods
Landart - der neue Blick | Landscape art, Land art, Outdoor art
"Lasst die Sonne in den Wald" trockene Fichtenzweige und Löwenzahnblüten ca. 4 m Durchmesser ein Zeichen als Mahnung gegen Fichtenmonokulturen, in denen sich selbst das Moos am Waldboden schwer tut zu wachsen April 2017
someone is holding up some paper plates with different colored lights on them
a circular design made out of leaves on the ground next to a tree in a forest
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