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a cell phone is laying next to a crocheted purse and measuring tape on a wooden table
Cell Phones Give You Cancer #LowestPricedCellPhonePlans #CellPhoneDeals
a pair of scissors is sitting in a knitted pouch on a chair next to a coffee table
Crochet Organizer Caddy from Red Heart
Crochet Organizer Caddy from Red Heart
a blue purse sitting on top of a couch next to a book and cell phone
Father's Day Chair Caddy- instructions were given as a crochet-along, but they're all here now. The pockets can hold up to 2 remotes, cordless phone, tv guide, notepad, pen or pencil, caculator, and reading glasses.
three remote controls are placed on the back of a red couch in a living room
Remote control caddy made by Aamin crochet
a crocheted blue purse with buttons on it
I added "Handy Caddy Crochet-a-Long - free pattern" to an #inlinkz linkup!
three remote controls in a crocheted bag on a couch next to a red leather chair
Arm chair remote caddy
Arm chair remote caddy
a knitted blanket with two cell phones in it
Storage Knitting Patterns
Free knitting pattern for Remote Control Holder
there is a knitted blanket with cell phones in the pocket and yarn on top
a remote control in a green crocheted basket on a couch with a pillow
Maggie's Crochet Patterns Beginner Easy - Expert Stitches Baby Afghan
Couch Catch-all crochet - pattern available but this is basic enough. I would either make it super long so I could tuck the non-pocket end under the couch cushion or add a weight to offset the weight of what we'd keep in the pocket. Could also be made to fit between your mattress and box spring to store books, remote, and, of course, crochet hooks ;)