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a glass jar with writing on it next to a marker
Simple winter science experiment. How much water is in snow?
a book cover with the title heat sensitive color changing slime
Amazing, Heat-Sensitive Color Changing Slime Recipe for Kids
Amazing Heat Sensitive, Color Changing Slime Recipe - SO COOL! This is a kids activities / science experiment that will amaze kids from preschool and kindergarten to 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and more!
a tornado that is in the air with some animals around it and a red house on top
Because weather is awesome
BEST site for teaching kids about all kinds of weather! (A real meteorologist has made this site complete with weather info, lesson plans, experiments, games, etc.)
a circular glass ornament hanging from a tree in the snow with water droplets on it
How to Make Ice Suncatchers (Great Winter Craft!)
Winter Ice Craft - Sun Catchers. Make these beautiful gems from ice for bright outdoor decorations.
an orange and yellow painting on a gray background
Let's Fly to the Moon (or Jupiter?)!
Sun painting
Ideas for setting up an imaginative play Ice Cream Shop Toddler Activities, Kids, Pom Pom, Play Ice Cream, Kids Playing, Toddler Projects, Ice Cream
Imaginative Play Ice Cream Shop
Ideas for setting up an imaginative play Ice Cream Shop
an ice cream sundae cut out on top of a piece of paper with matching cards
Ice Cream Felt Board Patterning
Kids have to match the picture cards. Great use of felt board and so cheap to make! Not to mention other uses for it! Love this!!
two children are making ice cream cones out of paper and construction materials on the table
Puffy ice cream cones in preschool
Puffy Ice Cream Cones The children love this fun mixture and I like the idea of using it with an ice cream unit. I like the idea of ice cream all the time come to think of it...
an advertisement for ice cream goo with images of hands and scoops of ice cream
Pretend Frozen/Melting Ice Cream
Chilly Ice Cream Goo for pretend play Toddler safe, reusable, cold and melts just like real ice cream! FUN AT HOME WITH KIDS
a glass filled with liquid sitting on top of a counter next to a window sill
Est-ce que l'eau ça coule, maman?
Very cool hot water, cold water experiment for kids (google translate post into English using the sidebar)
two thermometers on a blue and white checkered tablecloth with words student practice
Student Practice Thermometers from ThematicTeacher on (4 pages)
FREE! Use these handy, little individual thermometers to teach your students how to use the real thing. Run them off on cover stock, laminate, and assemble them, and you'll have a neat little tool to use with the whole class, in small groups, with partners, or at centers. They are large enough to see from a distance--just dictate a temperature, give the students a few seconds to set it, and then have them hold up their responses for you to assess. They may also be used to convert Celsius to Fahr
a weather poster hanging on the side of a window
What's the Weather?
Anchor Chart: Tools to measure weather. I need to add tools to bring it up to 5th grade.
an image of the flag of ukraine on top of a blue and yellow globe with words summer
What Causes Earth's Seasons? EXCELLENT video for kids about the earth's tilt and how it affects seasons. Week 13
several pictures of clothes and hats are arranged on a wooden surface with the words summer written below them
And Then It’s Spring
Free Download for a season's match sorting game that your young reader can play. Separate what the main character would wear when he experienced the brown, waited for rain and then enjoyed spring. Found on the blog: preschoolalphabet #andthenit'sspring #literacygames