Bridges of the world.

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an aerial view of a highway intersection at night with cars driving on the road and buildings in the background
The 10 best bridges
Nanpu Bridge, Shanghai
an old stone bridge over a river with kayakers on the water below it
el Puente de Gard un día de verano (Francia)
an aerial view of the bay bridge in san francisco
Pearl Bridge (Akashi Bridge) viewing from top of the tower KOBE JAPAN
Pearl Bridge (Akashi Bridge), Kobe, Japan. This is the longest suspension bridge in the world.
a very tall bridge with lots of traffic on it's sides and mountains in the background
Greece Just Stunning :)
a large bridge spanning over a body of water with rocks on both sides and the sky in the background
Humber Bay Arch Bridge- Toronto by anna.luciaalmeidabarreto.3
an artistic rendering of a futuristic building in the middle of a large body of water
Top 15 Famous Bridges in the World | Most Impressive and Beautiful Bridges and Viaducts
Harbour Bridge, Copenhagen, Denmark
a bridge that is going over some water in the foggy day with trees around it
PHOTOS: 10 Truly Terrifying Bridges
Trippy: 10 Truly Terrifying Bridges-Langkawi Sky Bridge - MalaysiaVisitors to this bridge will need to take a cable car up to the top as it’s a full 2,000 feet above sea level. Once there, spectators can marvel at the panoramic view of the mountains and Andaman Sea below
an image of a bridge that is on top of some rocks in the sky with fog
4 Stages of the Internet Marketing Process You Need to Know | HOLIDAYSPOTS4U
See More | The Bastei Bridge ,Germany:
people are standing on an old stone bridge over a river in the middle of nowhere
The historical bridge of Plaka - Arta, Epirus Greece
This is my Greece | Old bridge of Plaka over Arachthos river, a typical landscape of Epirus, Northwestern Greece. This bridge, built exclusively with stones in the 19th century, is considered to be the largest amongst the Balkan countries. <3
an aerial view of a bridge over water
Vinjatek | Urban Survival Site + Lifestyle Guide
Drone view of Vladivostok Bridge in Russia /// #travel #wanderlust
a bridge that is over some water with a sunset in the backgroung
Tranquility before dawn.
Infinity Bridge, Stockton-on-Tees, England. Paul Downing. Beautiful UK bridges…