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there is a sink with goldfish on it in this bathroom wallpapered area
What incredible detail and a stunning design which has even followed through to the corner basin - see the fish? We love these nature-inspired wallpapers #bathroom #bathroomdesign #wallpaper #bathroomwallpaper
a woman sitting on top of a couch in front of a blue wall with trees painted on it
My magical blue and gold handpainted forest!
a room with a painting on the wall and a lamp hanging from it's ceiling
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a bed with lots of pillows and plants on the headboard, along with two hanging planters
Modern Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas
Bohemian Bedroom Decor And Bed Design Ideas
a living room filled with furniture and blue walls
Home Horoscopes: The Best Colors for Your Zodiac Sign
Capricorn | Inky sapphire interiors, like the room above shot by Debbie Treloar and featured on Decor8, fit with Capricorn's stable, trustworthy nature. Taking risks isn't your favorite thing, so ease yourself in with some deep blue accents.
a living room with black walls, blue couches and rugs on the floor