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Digraph resources and activities for teaching digraphs sh, th, ch, ph, wh, kn, tch and more!
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the word puzzles are used to help students learn how to read and understand words with pictures
Digraph Words Puzzles for "Sh" Words
These decodable word puzzles will help your students practice decoding words that contain a specific sound. Aligned with the Science of Reading, use these cards as an independent reading center for your Kindergarten and First Grade students.
a fish worksheet with colored crayons to help students learn how to draw
Phonics Directed Drawings
Phonics Directed Drawings
the worksheet for preschool to learn how to draw
Fish Directed Drawing
Digraph directed drawing. Students learn how to draw whilst practicing their digraph sounds.
four printable flash cards for children to color
Decodable Readers for Digraphs
Decodable readers for digraphs such as sh, th, ch, ck and so on.. These are great if you are following the science of reading approach to teaching students how to read. The Ship – (sh beginning) Fish Wish – (sh ending) Chen’s Chest – (ch beginning) At Lunch – (ch ending) The Thorn – (th beginning) A Path – (th ending) Hot Weather - (th hard) Sick Rick - (ck) Whisk It - (wh) The Quiz - (qu) A Wreck - (wr) Knit It - (kn) My Phone - (ph) Its Wing - (ng) In the Junk - (nk)
the printable dig graph worksheet for reading and search is shown in front of a
Digraphs Read and Search Worksheets
This sh digraphs worksheet will help your students read sh words and then find them in the picture puzzle.
a worksheet with words and pictures to help kids learn how to read the word box
the printable worksheet for reading and writing words with pictures to color in
Sh Digraph Worksheet
Students read the sh words, color the matching picture and then spell the words in the boxes.
the letter h is for read and search printable worksheet with pictures on it
Digraphs Read and Search Worksheets
th worksheet for Kindergarten and first grade.
the letter s is for read and search with pictures to color, cut out and print
Ch Digraphs Worksheet - Read and Search
Ch worksheet. These digraph phonics worksheets are a fun and engaging way for students to practice reading and identifying words with digraphs. There are 20 worksheets included for the following digraphs, double consonants and trigraphs: sh (beginning)sh (ending) th (beginning)th (ending) ch (beginning)ch (ending) ck, wh, ph, qu, wr, kn, ng, mb, ss, ff, zz, ll, tch, dge
this is an image of a printable dig graph
Digraph Worksheet Packet - Ch, Sh, Th, Wh, Ph
Ch, Sh and Th Worksheet. Students stamp the digraphs that match the pictures.