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the same sound sort is used to help children learn their feelings
Phonemic Awareness Activity for Alliteration
This fun phonemic awareness center has your students listening for and isolating sounds! Students sort the picture cards by whether the beginning, medial, or ending sound is the same in both of the pictures. Students sort the pictures accordingly into the YES or No bears. Use this center to develop phonics and phonological awareness skills in Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade.
word ladders with pictures and words on them to help children learn how to read
Word Ladders - Word Chains - Phonics and Phonemic Awareness Center - My Teaching Pal
Use this Word Chain activity as fun phonemic awareness center. These word ladders will help teach students important phonics strategies which will help them master phonemic awareness in a fun, interactive way.
the word phonice is shown in two different colors and shapes, with words on them
Phoneme Substitution CVC Words
Get your students substituting phonemes in CVC words in this fun phonemic awareness center. This activity is perfect for small groups. Use it for practice with substituting sounds in the initial (beginning), medial and final position in words.
two pictures with the words phoneme and lock on them, in front of a wooden table
Phoneme Substitution Activity
This packet of phoneme substitution cards is a surefire way to advance and develop students' phonemic awareness skills. It offers student the opportunity to practice substitution the beginning sound, medial sound and final sound in a variety of words including FLSZ words, CVC Words, magic e Words. This activity in particular is for "ck" digraph words.
the phoneme substitution center is an easy way to teach students how to use them
Phoneme Substitution Cards - Phonemic Awareness Center
Improve your students phonemic awareness skills with this phoneme substitution center. Students will substitute beginning, medial and final sounds using magnetic letters or erasable marker. Backed by research from the Science of Reading, this activity is perfect for small groups.
the matching numbers and pictures are on the table
Syllables Phonemic Awareness Center!
Develop students' phonemic awareness skills with this syllable center! Students clap and count the syllables before sorting them into the bowls. The activity has picture cards for 1 syllable words, 2 syllable words, 3 syllable words and 4 syllable words.
This fun Phonemic Awareness Center will have your students sorting the pictures by whether they contain the same beginning, middle or ending sound. With over 350 cards included, this activity will provide your students with endless opportunities to isolate sounds in the initial, medial and final position.
a poster with some words and pictures on it that say, phonemic awareness sounds
Sarah's First Grade Snippets
the top 10 sources of phonicic awareness for children and adults, with text below
What is Phonological and Phonemic Awareness?? | Phonemic awareness, Phonics, Teaching reading