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a man with his arms crossed and the caption says, when you work weekends and you hear people say have a good weekend
Elon Musk Is Not Joining Twitter's Board
Keeping Up With The Musks 📰 Musk is not joining Twitter's board. The surprise u-turn was described as “for the best” by Agrawal, and the CEO encouraged Twitter employees to ignore distractions in the coming months.
a blue background with the words, is the new oil? - clive humby
What is the next big industry to invest in?
Can you fill in the missing word? 🗯️ And if you know the answer, do you agree with the statement? Find out what this quote has to do with our latest Stock of the Month pick, a leader in its space with thousands of high-profile customers 🤑 Access our Stock of the Month report by subscribing to MyWallSt (link in bio).
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Should You Invest in Agriculture?
"When asked which ‘Sex In the City’ character I am, I would say I’m very specifically Carrie when she’s forced to leave Manhattan for a weekend." - Rory Carron. Rory dives 'head first into the mud' in our latest First Look, analyzing the biggest agricultural businesses in the world — Deere & Co 👨‍🌾 Interested in this industry? 🚜 Give the full report a read in the MyWallSt app using the link attached. #howtoinvest #stockmarke #howtobuystocks #investingtips #investingforbegineers
'McDonalds order hould be free if ice cream machine is broken' man holding sign meme. I Want
Why Are McDonald's Ice Cream Machines Always Broken?
McFlurried 🍦 Join us as our analyst Anne Marie attempts to get to the bottom of one of the fast-food industry’s biggest controversies... Mcdonald's broken ice cream machine 😓 Read the insight for free in the MyWallSt app using the link attached.
Why are tech stocks down? Stock Market, Ukraine, Marketing
Why Are Tech Stocks Down?
If dealing with the tail-end of a global pandemic wasn’t enough, inflation and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have added more fuel to the global fire of uncertainty, the likes of which we haven’t experienced in a long, long time. And if there is one thing the markets don’t like, it’s uncertainty. What does this mean for stocks? Read more using the link attached.