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Investing: It's Worth The Time
We get it, investing seems like a hassle and you don't have time for it during your day. Luckily for you, we've narrowed down some amazing stocks and all it takes is a glance to find out! ⭐ #inspiration #successstory #growthmindset #transformation #learning #lifelessons
the bear market is very dangerous
Investing: What To Do In a Bear Market
Bears can be very scary no matter how much you know about them 😱 Luckily this fear can be avoided in Bear Markets with some insight. 😌 #inspiration #successstory #growthmindset #transformation #learning #lifelessons
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Investing: What About Taxes?
It's a common thought that investing will complicate your taxes. Seeing a tax advisor is always a good idea when making financial decisions, especially when you start investing for the first time. 🤗 #growthmindset #transformation #learning #lifelessons
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Investing: What am I Doing?
It is ok if you don't know what you're doing. If that's the case maybe you should seek advice. It is not a bad thing to get help with things you don't understand, and in this case, you can better your life financially. As the Beatles say, "I get by with a little help from my friends," and we love new friends! 💙💚 Check out the link attatched to get started on your investing journey. #inspiration #successstory #growthmindset #transformation #learning #lifelessons #friends
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Investing: Is it Safe?
There's a right and wrong way to do almost anything. When it comes to your money, you don't want to be careless with it. Researching your investments and being involved in their news is a great way to make sure you keep your money, and more. 📈 #inspiration #successstory #growthmindset #transformation #learning #lifelessons
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Investing: Getting Started
As for anything, the toughest part is starting. It is very common amongst new investors to feel lost or overwhelmed. At MyWallSt, we've all been there too! ☺️ Luckily we work with an amazing team that helps investors hit the ground running and see green in their portfolios! 🤑 Click the link to start your successful journey. #inspiration #successstory #growthmindset #transformation #learning #lifelessons
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Meme Stocks
Meme stocks continue to hit headlines and serve as very volatile stocks. We're wondering if this trend will come to an end 😅. Nonetheless, if you're investing in them goodluck and consider checking out stocks we think would be more beneficial to you using the link attached. 😉
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What Stocks Should I Buy?
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Stock Market Update
If you're feeling down about the market, here are some wise words from our Chief Investor, Emmet Savage. While it is normal for people to be panicking right now, one thing we all need to do as long-term investors is to remain calm and keep investing in companies we truly believe in 💰
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When Should I Buy Stocks?
Good thing we're all long-term investors then, right? ⏰ What stock are you holding for the long haul? #stockinvesting #stockmarket #stocks #marketturbulence #howtoinvest #stockmarketinvesting #howtobuystocks #trading #wallstreet #investingtips #howtostartinvesting #investingforbegineers #trading101 #investing101 #marketvolatility #marketswings #whentobuystocks #investinginusstocks #mywallst
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Netflix Changes Pricing
Did you catch Stock Club on Friday? 🎧 And did you know that you can listen to an extended version of the episode by listening to it in the MyWallSt app? 📲 It's completely free, set up an account right now by using the MyWallSt option in the link in our bio. In this episode, the team discusses #Netflix changing its prices, how #Boeing managed to ruin its reputation by focusing too much on profit, and lots more.
Ho To Handle A Bear Stock Market
Ho To Handle A Bear Stock Market
Ho To Handle A Bear Stock Market
Ho To Handle A Bear Stock Market
Ho To Handle A Bear Stock Market
Ho To Handle A Bear Stock Market
A bear market occurs when the price of equities falls more than 20% from highs, driven by an overly pessimistic outlook and poor overall market sentiment. Things investors need to remember right now 👇 #howtoinvest #stockmarketinvesting #howtobuystocks #trading #wallstreet #investingtips #investingvideo #howtostartinvesting #investingforbegineers #trading101 #investing101 #stockmarket