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Stock Club: Robinhood, No Good
In this episode we discuss: Is Robinhood a potential acquisition target? The banning of Juul e-cigarettes in the US. Zendesk becoming a private company. Plus Rory and Anne Marie give their elevator pitches in the extended version on our app. The podcast is available on all major streaming platforms. Click the link below to listen on Spotify.
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Stock Club Podcast
Check out our latest Stock Club Podcast! In this episode our CEO Emmet Savage interviews financial educator and author Brian Feroldi. 😎 In this interview, Emmet and Brian also chat about: * The biggest investing mistake that they've both made. 😱 * The origins of the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones. 👴 * and the 5 companies that Brian would buy today and hold forever. 🕰️ Listen on Spotify, using the link below
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What Is Going On In The Stock Market?
If you can't keep up with what's going on in the market, don't worry - Stock Club has you covered 🤩 On the agenda: - All things Elon Musk and Twitter - Why #Netflix thinks it will lose 2 million subs in Q2 - And is WeWork a buy? Start the episode by selecting the Stock Club link in our bio 🎧
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Shut Up and Thrive
The FML Fund My Life podcast is LIVE ⭐ In this episode, Anne Marie & Nicole: - Share their investing experiences 💰 - Tell the 'Emmet selling his 🚗 for #Netflix stock' story 📺 - Explain why women make great investors 👭 And lots more 💬 You can watch the full episode on our YouTube channel (link in bio) or listen to the audio version on all major platforms. #SpotifyPodcasts #ApplePodcasts
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Why are so many companies having stock splits? 🤔
Investors, have you been wondering, "Why are so many companies having stock splits? 🤔" Well Stock Cub have the answer 🤩 We also discuss: - The Elon Musk/Twitter saga - The Etsy seller-strike - And we give 2 companies the Elevator Pitch treatment Listen to the full episode using the Stock Club link in our bio 🎧
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Women-Led Investing Podcast
We've got something very exciting coming up... 🤩🎧 MyWallSt is launching a brand new podcast - FML Fund My Life. FML is going to make investing approachable, easy, and something you can actually enjoy. Traditionally, investing and the stock market hasn’t been that welcoming for women - we're hoping to change that. The first episode is kicking off this Sunday. #femaleinvestors #investingforwomen #womeninvestors #howtoinvest #investingpodcast #newpodcast #fmlpod #fundmylife
Who do you want us to interview on our Stock Club podcast next? Stock Investing, Top Podcasts, Investing In Stocks, Go On, Turn Ons
Stock Investing Podcast - Who Do You Want Us To Interview?
We got some great answers when we asked our Twitter audience this question ⭐ So go on, it's your turn now - Who do you want the Stock Club crew to grill next? 🎧 #podcast #investingpodcast #stockspodcast #toppodcasts #financialpodcast #irishpodcast #irishpodcasts #stockclub #wallstreet