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Financial Freedom
We all have that one friend... Just don't tell the teacher 🤫. Were only joking, we are here to help our users. Our stocks are for us as much as they are for you! If your not a user and seek financial freedom create a MyWallSt account using the link below!
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Longterm Investing
We're feeling well rested for this coming week. 😌 Invest longterm so you can too! 😃
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Portfolio Check
Want to know something scarier than bears? 🐻 My portfolio in a bear market. 📉 Invest longterm and you won't have to worry. 😅
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How Do I Calculate Compound Interest?
We've got a brand new app to introduce you to 📱 ... The compound interest calculator you've been waiting for 💰 As you know, compound interest is an investors best friend and our new app "Compound" is the perfect way to start planning your financial future. Download it now on iOS 📱 using the link attached.
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Inflation Rocks Wall Street
Investors, how we feeling out there? 😅 #inflation #longterminvesting #stockmeme #toystorymeme #memeoftheday #investingmeme #investorsjokes #wallstreetmeme
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How Do You Make 100 Times Your Money In A Stock?
Have you read '100 Baggers' by Chris Mayer? If you're a fan, you'll be excited to hear that Emmet Savage is interviewing Mayer this week. If you have any questions for the famous author, drop them below.
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Why Long-Term Investing Is The Best
Our stocks are all hand-picked with a long-term, buy-and-hold investment strategy in mind. Studies have proven that investing with a long-term attitude outperforms day trading every time. Check out our shortlist of market-beating stocks now. Link attached.
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Tips for Growth Investors
Stock portfolio down? Are you feeling worried? If so, then give this recent thread by our Chief Investor, Emmet Savage, a read. Growth stocks are being hit hard right now, but it's so important to remain calm and remember that we are long-term investors. As such, we need to stick to our strategy of investing in great businesses. Got any advice for new investors who might be thinking of selling early? Drop them below.
The proven path to wealth creation is owning a basket of quality companies that is gradually added to over time, and held through thick and thin. Wealth Creation, I Pick, Tools
How Do I Pick Winning Stocks?
Every #DIY #investor needs a #checklistforpickingstocks, this is one of the most important tools to have if they want to beat the market.