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an aerial view of the ocean with clouds and landforms in the foreground, taken from above
The world's biggest marine reserve seems to be doing its job
In 2016, when a marine reserve in Hawai’i quadrupled in size, marine conservations rejoiced. Now, fishing boats around the protected area are catching more tuna than they used to—suggesting local populations are growing again.
a green butterfly sitting on top of a flower
5 simple things you can do to live more sustainably
Want to live more sustainably? Consider planting native plants. Native plants are lower maintenance than non-native plants because they’re already adapted to the climate. Native plants like milkweed (pictured) are also critical for supporting endangered populations of pollinators.
small white and pink flowers surrounded by green leaves
Why clover lawns are a good alternative to grass
Perfectly manicured turf grass takes a toll on the environment, leading some to embrace unconventional lawn alternatives.
A breathtaking dive 🐧
Filmed for the very first time by Bertie Gregory, emperor penguin chicks leap off a 50-foot ice cliff to take their first swim in the Antarctic waters. Stay tuned for more: “Secrets of the Penguins” is coming in 2025!
the sun is shining through the trees in the dark forest at night with long exposure
Earth is our home. Nat Geo's past coverage charts how its changing.
For 136 years, National Geographic has been charting the state of our planet, illuminating the wonder of our world for readers, and helping them understand it better. These stories show how the world is bracing for—and embracing—its future.
Disney Planet Possible | ourHOME
Join the Critter Fixers as they head to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park to learn about some inspiring Cast Members from Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment team—and to meet some adorable baby animals, of course! 🐘 Stream the ourHOME collection on Disney+ all month long.
Earth Day | Secrets of the Octopus
Each day, we uncover new similarities between humans and animals, deepening our understanding of both ourselves and our fellow creatures ❤️ #SecretsOfTheOctopus #ourHOME #EarthDay
Earth Day | ourHome
Our world is an amazing, epic, fragile, wonder-filled place. It's our HOME, and we have the power to love and look after it. This Earth Month, join National Geographic and Disney as we take action to protect, restore, and celebrate the planet we share. 💛🌍🎉 Visit to learn more and join the celebration on Disney+ all month long.
Andy Grammer JUMP Earth Day Performance | ourHOME | National Geographic
In honor of Earth Day, enjoy a special performance of Andy Grammer's new song "Jump." He told us: "I'm excited to be part of National Geographic's ourHOME campaign. My new song 'Jump' really was inspired by and embodies the spirit of the campaign—this sense of our collective home, curiosity, adventure, and togetherness in celebration of Earth Month." 💛🌎 See if you can spot some other members of our National Geographic family in the video!