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Hotel / B&B / Guest House / Hostel / Cafe & Food Hall / Coffee Shop / Bakery / Lounge Bar / Restaurant / Bank / Wellness Centre / Boutique / Clothing & Fashion…
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an empty restaurant with blue chairs and pictures on the wall above them, along with wooden flooring
Norden 22x84.
Coffee shop / Deli / Food hall / Cafe bar design / Wood effect wall & floor tiles
an office lobby with white walls and grey flooring is pictured in this rendering image
Metallique 60x60.
Branch projects from banks, credit unions and building societies around the globe — ideas and inspiration you can use for your next branch design project.
a room that has some clothes hanging on the rack and a table in front of it
Metallique 60x60.
Fashion boutique design ideas / Metallic effect floor tile / Modern & elegant interiors / Visual merchandising
a living room filled with furniture and large glass windows overlooking the cityscape at night
Marvel Gems Terrazzo 60x60.
Corporate Building / Reception / Lobby / Hotel / Commercial Office Design & Interior Design
an empty room with several bottles on the wall and two benches in front of it
Marvel Gems Terrazzo 60x60.
Wine bar / Wine shop / Lounge bar / Visual merchandising / Modern style interior design
a bathroom with two sinks and three lights hanging from the ceiling above it, along with marble walls and flooring
Marvel Gems Terrazzo 60x60.
Public toilet design / Exclusive airport lounge design / Contemporary interior design / Terrazzo Tiles / Tile trends 2018
a black and white room with lots of furniture
Marvel Gems Terrazzo 60x60.
Boutique hotel reception design / Contemporary interiors / Black & White colour scheme / Copper accessories / Terrazzo tiles / Tile trends 2018
a room filled with lots of red and white purses on top of counter tops
Marvel Gems Terrazzo 60x60.
Exclusive boutique design / Airport fashion shop design / Visual merchandising / Luxury interiors / Architectural tiles / Tile trends 2018 /
a display case with shoes and purses on it in a room filled with tiled flooring
Heritage 25x25.
Fashion boutique / Clothes shop / Patterned floor tiles / Modern design / Commercial interiors
an aerial view of a living room with two chairs and a lamp on the floor
Heritage 25x25.
Fashion Boutique / Clothes Shop / Shopping Centre / Creative Floor Design / Vintage Style Interior Design / Commercial Interiors / Patterned Floor Tiles
an image of a restaurant with chairs and tables in front of the counter top area
Heritage 25x25.
Coffee Shop / Food Hall / Restaurant / Patterned Tiles / Vintage Style Interiors / Industrial Lamp Shade
an image of a kitchen setting with chairs and tables
Grand Place.
Coffee shop interior / Food hall / Small restaurant Pallet Bar / Creative interior design / Pallet made restaurant furniture / Euro Pallet design / 3D wall mosaic tiles
an indoor swimming pool with lounge chairs and towels on the wall, next to it
Grand Place.
SPA / Wellness Centre / Indoor Swimming Pool / Luxury House / Interior Design / Natural Stone Look Tiles / 3D Wall Tiles / Creative Interiors
an art gallery with paintings on the wall and sculptures on the floor in front of them
Uptown 60x60 / 45x90.
Contemporary Gallery Interior Design / Modern Art / Wall Gallery / Interiors / Architecture / Concrete Look Porcelain Floor Tiles / Uptown
an empty store with shelves filled with bottles
Treverkmood 15x90.
Cosmetics Shop Interior Design / Hair & Beauty Salon / Architecture / Interiors / Design / Wood Look Porcelain Floor Tiles / Visual Merchandising