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a multicolored patchwork quilt is on the floor next to a black cat
Nancy Briggs Swanton
Gypsy Wife Quilt found on Kaffe Fassett Facebook page.
an appliqued piece of fabric with houses and trees in the background on a wooden surface
Quilt – Granny’s Delight Mini Quilt
Quilt – Granny’s Delight Mini Quilt
a black cat sitting on top of a colorful patchwork wall hanging next to a tile floor
Cat Quilt
Cat Quilt
a quilt made with many different colored squares
Batik Squares Quilt Pattern
use all your batik scraps
the hexagons have been made with different designs on them, and each has flowers
13 of my Crazy Quilt Hexagons. (This pic takes forever to come into focus.) By Rhonda Dort
an image of colorful umbrellas that are in the air for display or to be used as wall art
yoyo necklase
a quilt hanging on the side of a wooden wall with an orange and yellow design
New quilt
Tundra Caribou
two pieces of fabric with birds on them sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
paper pieced bird
a wall hanging on the side of a blue wall with a teapot patch in it
Linen Teapot Hanging
Linen Teapot Hanging | by PatchworkPottery
the butterfly garden book cover is shown
Happy Stash Quilt Sewing Patterns
Image #2
a quilted wall hanging with colorful flowers and birds on the tree branch in front of it
MO Garden Challenge
This is wonderful!
the website for sew can she
Strip and Flip Baby Quilt -
<3 ~~ quick and cute~~
a smiling baby laying on top of a bed next to a colorful quilted blanket
Pretty Prudent
"Cheater" quilt tutorial...might have to make one of these for the guest room, quick and easy!
a blue and yellow quilt on the floor
Craftsy.com | Express Your Creativity!
*I'm really digging the stained glass look lately. midnight butterfly project on Craftsy.com