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three figurines of men riding horses with spears
Maratha Horsemen / Cavalry Model
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Armoured Maratha Cavalry Toys of Gwalior Kingdom in India
Maratha Army of the Hindu Maratha Kshatriya Nagavanshi Shindeshahi Kingdom of Gwalior - Ujjain. Mounted Armoured Maratha elite noblemen warriors of Gwalior appeared in their outfits at the British Delhi Darbar. These Maratha Army horsemen have been incorrectly marked as "Shan Chief Retainers" by ignorant British registers. The Shan Chiefs were worthless minimally-civilized tribals of Burma, not connected to Marathas, Gwalior or India in any way.
Maharaj Painting, Maharaj Wallpapers, Blonde Hair Boy
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Gwalior Hindu Maratha Armour, Maratha Cavalryman
an old postcard shows two men riding on camels and one is holding a flag
The Camel and Heavy Weapons. - Ethnographic Arms & Armour
a drawing of an old fashioned machine with tools attached to it's handlebars
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Persia civ suggestion
Persian, Qajar Dynasty, Military History, 19th Century, The First