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many colorful rocks are arranged together on the ground, with dots and circles painted on them
Stones — Colourful Artistry | Mandala Stones | Elspeth McLean
Stones — Colourful Artistry | Mandala Stones | Elspeth McLean | Mandala rock art, Stone painting, Rock painting patterns
a hand holding a painted rock with blue and green designs
a hand holding a blue and green glass plate
a painted rock sitting on top of a white table next to a black and blue wall
Shooting Star Rock Painting
a black rock with pink and blue dots painted on it next to a white plate
How to easily make a spiral dot painted rock - Rock Painting 101
How to create dotted spiral patterns. Rock painting tutorial for beginners.
Beach Rock
two painted rocks in the shape of hearts are held up by someone's hands
Heart rocks - best rock painting ideas
Painted Rocks. Mandalas and Painted with dots
Pastel Rainbow dot mandala painted rock. Full video on YouTube Delicate Dots Andrea
Pastel pendant video
Making my own stones to paint dot mandalas on. Delicatedotsandrea
Difficulty: Easy Supplies • Silicone molds. Any silicone mold can be used. • Plaster of Paris or Ultracal 30 to make the stones by pouring it into the molds.
Técnicas de Pontilhismo 🖌️