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the interior of a restaurant with wood paneling and neon lights hanging from the ceiling
Settle in for a long stretch of café culture indulgence at former Melbourne prison...
Jury by Biasol: Design Studio
people sitting at tables in a restaurant with many pictures on the wall and ceiling above them
Cafeteria, coffee shop
some glass jars hanging from a wooden beam
Lodi Wedding by Tanja Lippert Photography
Mason Jar Chandelier - photo by tanja lippert
a woman working in a coffee shop with lots of shelves
BARRY coffee and food by Techne Architects, Melbourne – Australia
BARRY coffee and food by Techne Architects, Melbourne – Australia
there are many cups hanging from the tree
☯ ☯ ☯
teacups as window display.
the coffee bar has many cups on it
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Barry Cafe
four different views of a desk made out of wood and metal
Memphis Reception Desk
Modern rustic wood slab as bar top and reclaimed, with sides covered with rough hewn wood planks. || Reception Counter Solutions - Memphis Reception Desk
two people standing in front of a welcome mat with the word welcome written on it
painted welcome on the front porch
a kitchen with brick walls and wooden tables
Holybelly Café | Paris
a long table with chairs and plants on it in front of a wooden wall that has bookshelves
Olive Creperie & Petit Dejeuner (Madrid)
several different chairs and tables in an industrial style room with exposed brick walls, one for children's playrooms
Cinema Center in Matadero de Legazpi / ch+qs arquitectos
an image of a table and chairs with potted plants on the wall behind it
a woman sitting at a table in front of a bakery
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Federal & Wolfe | Auckland, New Zealand