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there are many different pictures of people standing in front of a giant white object that is made out of foam
REading Igloo
This milk jug reading Igloo was made with 430 milk jugs by /replayrecycled/. It took about 4 ppl and five hours to build. It now resides at Down Town Orlando's public Library. This is such a fun craft to make for a class room/library. Kids absolutely love it.
three glass bottles with snowflakes and pine cones in them sitting on a table
Winter Wonderland Wine Bottle Hurricane Candle Holder Set - Etsy
Wine bottle craft idea. Winter Wonderland Wine Bottles. Cut the bottoms off and place over candles or small Christmas decorations. $40 from D Decor
a red and white poster with the names of children's books, including one for each
Cheap Stocking Stuffers $5 and Under
Cheap Stocking Stuffers $5 And Under | The Jenny Evolution
three white bottles with red writing on them sitting on a shelf next to christmas decorations
Repurposed wine bottles into Holiday decor. Supplies: assorted empty wine bottles, white matte spray paint, stencil, red acrylic craft paint, ribbon, paint brush. Instructions: remove any stickers from wine bottles, spray paint bottles in well ventilated area (2 coats), when bottles dry apply stencil with red craft paint and finish with a simple accent bow around the bottle neck. Happy Holidays
three wine bottles decorated with snowmen and santa hats are sitting on a table in front of a lamp
I am obsessed with Christmas and I'm always spending so much money on decorations. This is a good way for me to save $$
three white bottles with snowmen painted on them
great idea for old wine bottles :) acrylic paint and wine bottles
three wine bottles decorated with red berries and snowflakes are sitting on a table
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Rustic "JOY" Wine Bottles Could easily be done with blue instead of red
a mason jar filled with white snow and red berries sitting on top of a wooden table
These Easy DIY Christmas Mason Jars Are Just as Pretty as They Are Fun to Make
These festive ideas will fulfill all your Christmas decorating needs.
two christmas cards on top of each other
Lawn Fawn Intro: Everyday Pop-Ups, Stitched Hillside Pop-Up
the Lawn Fawn blog: Lawn Fawn Intro: Everyday Pop-Ups, Stitched Hillside Pop-Up