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some paper boats are on the ground and one is made out of colored tissue paper
Kids Art & Craft
airport printables and activities for kids
Airport Dramatic Play Center
Airport printables for dramatic and pretend play - Fairy Poppins
two boarding cards with an airplane in the middle and another plane on the other side
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Boarding pass voor themahoek vliegveld, juf Petra van kleuteridee, boarding pass for role play.
a cardboard model of a space shuttle in a playroom
Fun Pretend Play Ideas for Kids 2022
Dramatic Play Airplane. Turn your cardboard box into an airplane craft. Cool idea for transportation theme dramatic play area.
an open box sitting on top of a counter
Airport Dramatic Play Center
Airport Dramatic Play - This is the baggage x-ray machine! Play to Learn Preschool
a sign that says welcome aboard pay air with pictures of people on the front and back
Airport Dramatic Play Center
Airport Dramatic Play Center by Play to Learn Preschool