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an abstract painting with different colors and shapes
Unplanned Magic 1
an abstract black and white background with many intersecting lines in the shape of hexagons
Vector Images, Illustrations and Cliparts: Vector seamless pattern. Modern stylish texture. Repeating geometric tiles with striped triangles.
an image of a gray and white background with diagonal lines on it's sides
50+ Amazing Geometric Design Patterns - The Architects Diary
an abstract black and white pattern
Stock Photo and Image Portfolio by Curly Pat | Shutterstock
an abstract black and white pattern with triangles
an image of a white paper with black dots on the front and back side, in font that reads honki
Customisable Letterheads Design Templates
a piece of paper with the word real on it is laying against a yellow background
Real Inspires – Brand Identity
Eye-catching letterhead design for Real Inspires, a Cairo-based cultural insights research agency. The back side features an optimistic pattern based on the idea of connecting dots and finding new relations and insightful meanings. #letterhead #letspanda #pattern
two pieces of paper with blue and white designs on them sitting next to each other
The Most Beautiful Stationary Design in the World