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a cardboard box with an image of a cat in it on the window sill
Lima Bean planting: This cute frame made to look like a see through pot added some charm to growing a lima bean. Wet a paper towel and put it in a sealed ziplock bag with a few lima beans. Place in a sunny window; but change the paper towel and water (not too much) after a few days to keep it from getting moldy.
a table topped with two trays filled with birds eggs and other items on top of it
“A nest building #learninginvitation with cinnamon playdough, natural materials, yarn, and little eggs and chicks to extend our bird inquiry …”
a young boy holding up a plant in front of a wall with seed bags on it
Egg Shell Seed Starters
How tall will they get? (Larry is sure they'll touch the ceiling!)
a young boy sitting at a table with several pieces of wood cut in half to look like tree trunks
17 Maneiras Criativas para Usar Tinta Ardósia
Não sabe o que é Tinta Ardósia? É uma tinta que permite desenhar com giz. E são várias as ideias criativas em que pode usar esta tinta na decoração de casa.
a collage of photos showing the process of making a birthday cake with candles and candies
Invitation to Play - Poking and Balancing - Meri Cherry
This Styrofoam, marble, and golf tee "balancing act" helps with fine motor skills, sorting, and vocabulary building.
a table topped with lots of different types of emoticions and smiley face magnets
Playdough Provocations: Emojis!
Are your students interested in emojis? Mine are obsessed! We stumbled upon this interest after setting out some loose parts for the children to explore in the first few weeks of school. One studen…
two cakes made to look like giraffes in the grass with toothpicks sticking out of them
***** Playdough zoo- yes! -This was a hit during our zoo week and inspired sorting of animal types, matching colors, etc. The kids got creative finding other items to use with our play dough, like wooden blocks, clean stamps, etc.