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a kitchen with gray cabinets and white counter tops
Can't Rip Out Your Kitchen's Furr Downs? Do This: — DESIGNED
Currently white and cream colored cabinets are very popular. What's next? The experts say gray.
an office cubicle with white walls and glass partitions that have been cut into the wall
CrossFields Interiors & Architecture
Using awesome decals throughout the office helps add interest to your space! #interiordesign #decals #chiropracticofficedesign
an open cabinet in a kitchen with white cupboards and drawers on the bottom shelf
Rev-A-Shelf 5CW2-1222-CR Small 2-tier Cookware Organizer - 11.75"W x 22" D x 18"H - Bed Bath & Beyond - 6455359
Rev-A-Shelf 447-BC-8C 8-inch Tray Divider/ Foil and Wrap Base Organizer
a wooden bench sitting next to a white wall with baskets on it's sides
Making Use of Alcoves or Small Spaces with Design - Fab You Bliss
Corbels instead of a full "locker" look. Keeps it open but helps create separate areas. Plus, it's easier to clean than a storage bench seat would be.
a white coat rack filled with lots of pillows and other items next to a chandelier
Hallen – Sittbänk med förvaring
Hall med förvaring
a room that has some drawers under the stairs and a bench with pillows on it
26 Incredible Under The Stairs Utilization Ideas - Do-It-Yourself Fun Ideas
Under stairs storage, ideas for the basement stairs some day. I love this!
the shelves are filled with different kinds of food
Space Savvy DIY Rotating Canned Food System: 6 Advantages
How To Build A Rotating Canned Food System If you need a great storage system for your pantry, then this project is for you! Could this be your next project to organize your pantry?
a white closet filled with lots of pillows and clothes hanging on the wall next to a coat rack
Home Decor Ideas from Celebrities • OhMeOhMy Blog
Favorite Home Decor Ideas Pinned by Celebrities! • This one pinned by Oprah from 'house of smiths'. A fabulous DIY closet entryway makeover project.
the stairs are white and there is a small dog in it's kennel
Home and Garden DIY Ideas
7 under stairs storage ideas bedrooms living rooms more, home decor, shelving ideas, stairs, storage ideas, why not use your under the stair storage for storage and a hidden panic room