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an empty room with several doors and people walking around it in front of the wall
Ravensbourne | Johnson Banks
Ravensbourne signage © johnson banks via http://www.johnsonbanks.co.uk
the interior of an office building with white walls and shelves filled with various types of objects
Page you are looking for was not found. | SEIBU, SOGO
Shibuya seibu department store. Biggest Muji store, all high brands, amazing deli at basement and casual restaurants on 8th floor. Amazing sushi (rotation) for lunch. (Made another column for this called Midori sushi) #signage
three different images of the inside of a building with doors and numbers on each door
Environmental Graphics
a woman walking down a hallway next to a red and yellow sign that says learning
refracted light . environmental and wayfinding . P-06
the interior of a building with many different types of wood panels on it's walls
Hotel Minho, Environmental Graphic Design, Signage Sistems, Interior wayfinding, señaletica para empresas, diseño de locales comerciales Canton Crossing | #Wayfinding | #Signage
multiple images of the inside of a building
51ee290e662bf a grouped image for pinterest
Grouped image by http://pinthemall.net
the stairs are painted green and yellow with numbers on each step to indicate where they go
Wayfinding Westerdals - Icon design
an orange and black display case in a store
#wayfinding #signage:
a black sculpture sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wall and floor
Awesome Signage Design — Amrit Pal Singh | Visual Artist | NFTs | Toy Faces | 3D Art
a house number sign on the side of a building with a sky in the background
Design Gráfico Sinalização www.mesquita.blog.br www.facebook.com/ mesquitafanpage
people are walking down the sidewalk with chalk drawings on it and cars parked in front of them
Subway Map Floating on a NY Sidewalk – Urban Media Archaeology 2011
Subway Map Floating on a NY Sidewalk | Urban Media Archaeology