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a painting of a house by the water with blue sky and clouds in the background
Moy Mackay Products, Cards - My Highland Dream - Greetings Card - Moy Mackay Gallery
MMC-my-highland-dream by Moy MacKay - felt painting
a painting of some houses on a hill
On Violet Hill by Moy Mackay
a painting of clothes hanging out to dry on a line with trees in the background -
moy mackay | Moy Mackay 2012 Art Show
someone is using yarn to make an orange and blue cat design on a piece of felt
Мокрое валяние – валяем панно. Проекты домов и коттеджей
Wet felting tutorial for creating a felt "painting"..Long process IMHO, In total, the product must be subjected to friction 40-50 minutes.
an abstract painting of the ocean and rocks
Naracoopa – a felt painting
Felted beach-scape More
a painting of a house in the middle of a field with blue and yellow flowers
Fantastic Felt works by Moy Mackay.
Moy Mackay i love her skies. this one is *almost* a typical blue, but not quite
a painting of a red phone booth in the middle of a field
The Old Phone Box by Moy Mackay | The Airport Gallery | Scottish Contemporary Art
The Old Phonebox by Moy Mackay
two people are standing on a boat in the water with their dog, and another person is walking behind them
'Morning Walk' - felted fabric art by Valerie Wartelle (Yorkshire felt artist)
a painting of yellow flowers in a green field with blue sky and clouds behind it
Handmade textiles by Alison Murphy materials: wool, mohair, cotton, buttons
a painting of trees and water with clouds in the background
a painting of a house by the water with flowers in front of it and a sky background
Moy Mackay | Artist in Peebles, Scotland
felt painting in grand scales they are amazing. Moy Mackay -
an oil painting of red flowers on a green field with white houses in the distance
Moy Mackay
a painting of a house on a hill with flowers in the foreground and blue sky above
Moy Mackay Felt Painting.
an abstract painting of a house surrounded by flowers
Moy Mackay Products, Little Originals - THE BLUE THATCH - Moy Mackay Gallery
The Blue Thatch - Moy Mackay Gallery
a painting of a road going through the woods
Originals - EAS Art Gallery Dundee
Moy Mackay_To the Glen_Felted Merino_23.5x23.5 | Scottish Contemporary Art