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a red tray topped with lots of different types of crafting supplies on top of a blue floor
✨Early Years Ideas✨🇬🇧 on Instagram: “🎀✂️ Using transient art to create beautiful representations of letters learnt in phonics! ✂️🎀 . . . #eyfs #eyfsteacher #eyfsideas…”
lego word family sorting game for kids to practice spelling and matching words with their own name
Spelling with LEGO Letters and How to Make Your Own!
Words with Legos
the family tree is made out of colorful circles and words on it's side
Tricky word tree. Words secured to wall with Velcro. Using Jolly Phonics words here. Later we will have new smaller ones when these are mastered. Velcro allows use when writing or for other activities.
two pictures with letters and numbers on them in the shape of circles, which are connected to each other
Stimulating Learning with Rachel
Sorting initial sounds from Rachel (",)
an interactive display for children to use in the classroom with their own name and letter recognition
Early Years ideas from Tishylishy
Jolly Phonics interactive display Roll and write letter Write in the sand Write on the whiteboard Sort the sound
two blocks with letters that spell out the word up, cat, cake and cupcake
Matching letters with the base to make words. Great for phonics!
the letter p is made up of beads and plastic wrappers to make it look like they are floating in water
Practical Phonics Activities - Stimulating Learning
Creating letter shapes with loose parts - from Rachel (",)
a collage of photos with the words in what order should you introduce letters to your preschooler?
In What Order Should You Introduce Letters to Your Preschooler?
Blog post at : Should you introduce letters to your preschooler in their order in the alphabet? Surprisingly, no. There are actually better ways to introdu[..]
a poster with words describing the different types of food that are in each letter order
Phonics Poster – Ch Words 2
ch Words 2
lego word family sorting game for kids to practice spelling and matching words with their own name
Great idea
a printable poster with the words ng and ring
Phonics Poster – ng Words
ng Words
several children's books with pictures of animals, plants and letters arranged in them
Jolly Phonics – tips and tricks – speldsa's blog
ideas for jolly phonics' lessons
jolly phonics for the whiteboard manual
Free Parent & Teacher Resources - Jolly Learning
Jolly Phonics free downloads
two children are playing with numbers on the floor
This could be done with sight words, numbers, letters of the alphabet, etc!