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a blue chair sitting on top of a wooden floor
floor transition from wood to concrete
the floor is made out of wood and has white tiles on it, as well as an arrow pattern
Cool floor
an empty room with wooden walls and glass doors
Hôtel Maison FL ’s renovation by François Champsaur -Architecture, Interiors
Frosted vinyl with a printed pattern can look gorgeous and provide privacy! | Hôtel Maison FL ’s renovation by François Champsaur
a fire place in the middle of a living room with toys on the floor next to it
Fireguards - Fire Guards for stoves - Traditional Fireguards
Guard for Wood Burning Stove
a man sitting at a table inside of a camper with lots of windows and couches
Student Thesis Project Turns Bus Into Tiny House
Student Thesis Project Turns Bus Into Tiny House
a large building with red doors and windows - contact with domain owner |
We could use a lot of superlatives to describe this extraordinary house architecturec reated by London based architects drmm. The residence is divided in two part, one with traditional farm wooden facade and window, while the other part is totally glassed a and be covered with a sliding facade to become a traditional farm house like the rest of the house.
the building is white and has trees in front of it at sunset or sunrise time
Gallery of Rooms / Ando Corporation - 14
rooms - wakayama - ando
an outdoor area with a thatched roof and steps leading up to it
Jungle Lifestyle, Panchoran Retreat Bali. Thailand
Panchoran Retreat Bali. Thailand
an outdoor area with many wooden structures and lights on the ceiling, along with trees in the background
Orquideorama / Jardín Botánico / Medellín
the side of a building that is made up of many different shapes and sizes, with blue skies in the background
Titanic Belfast / CivicArts & Todd Architects
Over 3000 individual silver anodized aluminium shards make up the facade | Titanic Belfast, CivicArts & Todd Architects Hope it's better designed than the titanic
a dining room table with chairs and a lamp hanging from the ceiling
Decoration inspiration & stylish ideas for every room | House & Garden
copper pendant