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an old handwritten letter with cursive writing on the bottom and upper letters
Do Stubs And Italics Take The Individuality Out Of Handwriting?
an old letter with writing on it
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an old letter with ink splattered on it, and the words are written in cursive writing
Gare de Chambord by Jellyka on DeviantArt
an old handwritten letter with writing on it
Houghton Library
an old book with writing on it and black ink in the bottom right hand corner
Beautiful Commonplace Books By Lewis Carroll, Nancy Cunard and More (Photos)
a piece of paper with writing on it sitting on top of a wooden table next to a pen
Handwritten Calligraphy Letter, Custom Written Letter, Handwritten Love Letter, Custom Calligraphy, Handwritten Proposal Letter - Etsy UK
a notepad with writing on it that says, lost in the forest i broke if having
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