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a painting hanging on the wall next to a book shelf
- i want these in my homeeeee (artist is jess allen)
— i want these in my homeeeee (artist is jess allen)
a woman sitting on top of a bed in front of a window next to an easel
an image of a nude woman with green hair and no bra on her back, sitting in front of a white wall
CERES - Yellow + Moss | Paper - 14 x 11 / Black Frame
The Ceres print is part of a Limited Edition of 25 prints from Michael Upton and LA-based fashion and fine art photographer Kelle Ramsey. Each print has been hand-signed and numbered by the artists. Shot on 120mm film. Professionally risograph printed on Franch Paper 80lb cardstock using soy-based ink. Risograph printing creates a unique textured print that cannot be replicated. Each print is one-of-a-kind. Unframed prints are ready to ship. An additional wood frame in black, white, or natural i
an abstract painting with multiple lines and hands
Paintings | Cat's Cradle
Baila Goldenthal | Paintings | Cat's Cradle
a framed piece of paper with writing on it
a black cat with pearls on it's neck
Stray Cardinal
a woman sitting at a piano with another woman standing next to her playing the piano
The Great Gatsby
an old book with drawings of three men standing in front of stacks of books on top of each other
Steinberg’s Genius Line
three black and white drawings of people sitting in front of two windows with the same drawing on them
joana avillez
a drawing of two people sitting at a bar with bottles on the wall behind them
Untitled (Bar Scene) | The Art Institute of Chicago