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a wooden slatted door is open in the yard
Reforma de una casa mid-century en Palo Alto, California | delikatissen
an outdoor seating area with potted plants and flowers on the table, in front of a pergolated trellis
58+ Trendy Decor Outdoor Patio Diy Privacy Screens
a candle is sitting in a flower pot
How to Make a Flower Pot Centerpiece DIY
What about several of these in different heights with flowers that match wedding colors to fill fireplace outside during ceremony
a white bench sitting on top of a sidewalk next to a brick wall and shrubbery
ideas for my "new to me" garden bench seat
two different benches sitting next to each other
Old garden bench repainted - before & after
https://flic.kr/p/HRkUta | Old garden bench repainted - before & after | This was an old iron and wood garden bench – well worn, from years of being outdoors and having big wet planters on the seat — that we repainted with a mix of stains (our own custom 'house color'!), and Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch 2X in Gloss Seaside. That aqua color REALLY pops, especially with the added outdoor pillow from Lowes.
a pink bench with colorful pillows on it
pink garden bench
several yellow park benches lined up on the ground with leaves all over them and one bench is empty
Golden benches
an old wooden bench with white roses growing on it's back and behind it are potted plants
Design Chic
Garden bench with roses aging beautifully everything fabulous
an orange park bench with flowers painted on it's back and sides, sitting on the sidewalk
Santiago, a modern city at last
Painted Bench
a wooden swing bench sitting on top of a cement ground next to bushes and flowers
Outdoor Two Person Glider Benches
Redwood Glider Swing Bench - Very unique!
a wooden swing bench sitting on top of a brick patio next to flowers and trees
Lowe's Home Improvement
Swing for backyard with side tables
a wooden swing set in the woods
Porch Swing Frame Plan | BUILDING PLANS FOR PORCH SWING FRAME | House Design