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the poem is written in black and red with an image of two bugs on it
children's poems to sharpen your reading skills (or vocal skills) in Irish.
some type of font and numbers that can be used to spell out the names in different languages
a menu with the names of different sports teams
Téarmaí Spóirt
a poster with words and pictures on it
An Teilifís
Bundle containing all the posters you need to teach the theme of An Teilifís.
a poster with different types of cakes and desserts on it's side, including the names of each cake
a table that has different types of emoticions on it and the words in each
Labhair liom on Instagram: “Ciallaíonn 'ag cur - putting' go bunúsach ach tá frásaí coitianta eile a thosaíonn le 'Ag cur'.🤓 Seo cúpla sámpla daoibh ach is féidir leat…”
an image of different types of emoticions
two yellow emotics with different expressions on the same page, which says an math leaf?
two sinks in front of a bulletin board with words on it and cartoon characters above them
Ar Scoil - Gaeilge Display
a bulletin board with clothes hanging from it's sides and the words line eddii written in spanish
We love Gaeilge!!
Junior Infants are learning Irish. Last month we learned how to talk about our clothes or our Eadaí. We know sciorta, geansai, stocai, bro...